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    GM-2016 International Conference

    Paestum (SA), Italy

    The conference is organized by the Institute SPIN of the CNR and by the University of Salerno. The aim of the conference is to bring together experts in the field of fabrication, characterization and application of graphene, graphene oxide and related 2D materials.

    Conference site: Savoy Beach Hotel, via Poseidonia 41, Paestum (Salerno) Italy

    Website:  http://gm2016.fisica.unisa.it/

    Conference Chairs:

    Martucciello, Nadia - CNR-SPIN Salerno

    Giubileo, FilippoCNR-SPIN Salerno

    Di Bartolomeo, Antonio - Università di Salerno

    International Advisory Board:

    Casiraghi, Cinzia - School of Chemistry, University of Manchester, UK
    Duesberg, Georg – Trinity College Dublin, Ireland
    Loh, Kian Ping - National University of Singapore
    Mueller, Thomas -Wien University of Technology, Austria
    Vogel, Eric M. - Georgia Institute of Technology, USA


    Graphene and Graphene oxide 
    • Synthesis, characterization, properties, and applications
    • Growth of large area Graphene
    • Physics and chemistry of Graphene
    • Graphene for plasmonics and optics
    • Field emission from Graphene
    • Graphene based nanoelectronic devices
    • Graphene and Graphene oxide for energy (battery, capacitor, catalysis, solar)

    Graphene based polymer composites 
    • Functionalization of Graphene and development of novel sensors
    • Graphene for Flexible Electronics, Sensors & Composites

    Graphene-like 2D materials
    • Integration of Graphene with other 2D materials
    • electronic, optoelectronic properties and potential applications
    • Growth, synthesis techniques and integration methods
    • Chemistry and modification of 2DMats
    • Structural, electronic, optical and magnetic properties of 2DMats and devices
    • Applications of 2DMats in electronics, photonics, energy and biomedicine

    Organized by:
    CNR - SPIN
    University of Salerno