Winter School – New Frontiers in 2D materials: Approaches & Applications


The winter school New Frontiers in 2D materials: Approaches & Applications”  will bring together young researchers – master/doctoral students as well as postdocs – involved in the developing field of novel 2D materials. The talks by selected renowned invited speakers will introduce the participants to the specific areas of current research in this fast expanding field and provide them with an overview of recent progress. At the same time, participants are strongly encouraged to present their own research results during a specially dedicated poster session.

The winter school will cover theoretical, experimental but also technological aspects of current research on novel 2D materials (graphene, silicene, transition-metal dichalcogenides, topological insulators & semiconductor nanostructures) and other emerging systems (multiferroics, materials for spintronics, semiconductor quantum dots and quantum fluids in polariton structures).

School Flyer [pdf]

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